Does Green Coffee Supplements Really Help To Lose Weight?

If you’re trying to lose weight and want to know how to burn fat, then exercising first thing in the morning before eating breakfast is a sure fire way to do so.

For many years it was thought that eating on an empty stomach may cause you to be weak and not be able to work out as hard, or may just be plain bad for you.

And although many athletes eat before starting their intense and vigorous training, scientists are now saying if you really want to lose body fat, you should skip eating breakfast or even a snack before your workouts.

There are several studies that back this theory, with one study being conducted by European researchers who found that cyclists who trained without eating burned fat than their counterparts who ate beforehand.

It’s true that muscles usually get their energy from carbohydrates, but if you’re not trying to build a significant amount of muscle or compete in a hard-core triathlon any time soon.

Then eating before exercising will cause your body to search for other energy sources instead of carbohydrates – like stored body fat.

When you workout first thing in the morning before eating, your adrenaline is high and your insulin low, causing your muscles to break down more fatty acids.

This, in turn, will burn more body fat than if you had eaten before exercising. Another study that proved this theory was conducted in 2008 with a group of men who were divided into two groups.

The first group was given something to eat before doing an endurance training each day and the second group did not eat before doing the same training.

The study found that the subjects who had not eaten had a spike in the number of proteins their body needed to process fat, meaning their bodies had been primed through fasting to burn more fat.

As mentioned previously, some individuals are hesitant to exercise first thing in the morning, thinking they will be too tired or weak to get a good workout in, but this is simply not true.

Sure, it may be hard to get your eyes opened and get on the treadmill, but once you do, you’ll find that your body quickly pulls energy stores from the body fat you’ve come to despise so much and therefore you’re able to keep running at a steady pace with no problem.

If you want to maximize this fat burning capacity, even more, consider taking a quality green coffee bean supplement with a glass of water at least 15 to 30 minutes before your workout.

Green coffee bean has been found to assist the body in burning fat as well, so combining it with exercising in the morning will give your body every advantage possible in becoming a well-oiled, fat-burning machine.

You should try to do a cardio workout for at least 30 minutes when you’re exercising first thing in the morning, but 45 minutes is ideal because it will require your body to need even more energy, which it will pull from stored body fat.

It’s also ideal to alternate between a cardio workout and strength training workout every other day because building muscle also requires a significant amount of energy, even after your workout.


Lifting weights cause small (healthy) muscle tears during your workout and afterward, your body needs the energy to re-build these tears.

So even hours after you’ve worked out in the morning, your body is still pulling energy from stored fat cells in order to rebuild those muscles.


If you still don’t want to exercise in the morning and prefer to run to the gym on your lunch break or after work then try to not eat for a minimum of three hours before you go.

This will still boost your adrenalin and lower your insulin to allow more fat to be burned, but again, working out first thing in the morning is ideal.

If you want to lose weight and burn fat in the shortest time possible, then following these tips and exercising before eating is a sure way to make it happen and at a faster rate than just dieting or exercising alone.

Dr. Oz is a renowned and trusted healthcare expert and when he warned his viewers to be careful when choosing a green coffee bean supplement, his advice couldn’t have been more warranted.

Sadly, there are many ineffective supplements on the market today because they don’t contain the green coffee extract that’s been proven in clinical studies; nor do they contain the proper dosage that will really help you lose weight.

There are four things to look for in a green coffee bean supplement and Xtreme Green Coffee has all of them.

4 Factors You Must Have a Green Coffee Supplement:

100% Pure Green Coffee Extract and Nothing Else! –

Make sure you are choosing a green coffee bean supplement that only has green coffee extract listed on the label.

If you see other ingredients listed, stay away from the product.

Although these other ingredients can help with weight loss, combining them with green coffee bean will dilute its effectiveness.

Also, Read who can use green coffee bean extract

Choose a Supplement Made with GCA or Svetol Green Coffee Extract

Svetol and GCA are the extracts that Dr. Oz recommends because they are the type of green coffee bean extract that has been studied and proven to help individuals lose weight.

Make Sure the Recommended Dosage is 400mg Twice a Day

Many of the green coffee bean supplements available only contain 200mg per capsule.

The amount used in the clinical studies was 400mg/twice a day, and this is the same amount that Dr. Oz recommends in order to obtain the weight loss results you’re looking for.

Choose a Safe Supplement

Make sure the green coffee bean supplement you choose comes from a cGMP certified manufacturer who adheres to the FDA’s strict quality and safety guidelines.

Some supplements come from manufacturer’s who get their green coffee bean extract from sources that are not regulated. Which may bring into question the safety and quality of the product.

Xtreme Green Coffee meets all the factors mentioned above, making it a supplement you can trust, feel good about and more importantly, get results from.

Xtreme Green Coffee received the highest rating because of its unmatched quality, effectiveness and proven success in helping individuals just like you lose a significant amount of weight.

Green Coffee Nano is another highly effective green coffee bean supplement that will help you lose weight at a faster rate than dieting alone.

It contains the highest concentration of chlorogenic acid found in fresh, green unroasted coffee beans.

Unlike other supplements, the formula is non-diluted

what you see is what you get. When featured on the Dr. Oz Show, viewers were cautioned to find a “pure” green coffee bean supplement and Green Coffee Nano is just that.

It’s helped many individuals lose weight and it will work for you without causing any negative side effects.

In addition to helping your body burn fat, Green Coffee Bean helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body, a key factor when trying to lose body fat.

An optimal blood sugar level can potentially lower the body’s hyperglycemic peak, which is the rate at which glucose or sugar is absorbed in the body.

When your body intakes too much sugar, it turns to body fat, resulting in weight gain. Green Coffee Nano helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, inhibiting too much glucose from being released into the bloodstream, thus helping the body to more efficiently use glucose and stored body fat for energy.

Green Coffee Nano is a pure, high-quality supplement you can trust.

100% pure green coffee bean extract

Highest quality and safety standards

No negative side effects

Helps the body use glucose more efficiently

Promotes fat burning

No fillers or artificial ingredients

Natural and safe

Green Coffee Lipo

Green Coffee Lipo is another highly rated green coffee bean supplement because of its quality, pureness, and effectiveness.

Green coffee beans are different from regular coffee beans in that they remain in their fresh green state.

Because they’re not roasted, they maintain the chlorogenic acid that is the active compound which helps with weight loss.

Green Coffee Lipo contains the highest concentration of chlorogenic acid which has been found to burn to slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, signaling the body to seek out stored fat cells as an energy source.

There are many benefits to choosing Green Coffee Lipo as your green coffee bean supplement.

In addition to its high quality and effectiveness, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Pure, high-quality green coffee bean extract 100% natural and safe

Helps the body burn stored fat cells, resulting in weight loss

You can buy it with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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There’s absolutely no risk when buying Green Coffee Lipo because it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Green Coffee Lipo, simply return the product and get 100% of your money back.

Additionally, when you order more than one bottle of Green Coffee Lipo, you receive significant discounts.